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Recital Costume Timeline

  • September-October – Teachers begin planning music and themes for classes

  • October 12th - Measurements begin being taken for all dancers

  • October 15th – Costume payments are taken

  • October – November – Final costume selections are made, dancers are sized according to measurements, orders are organized, thousands of costumes are ordered!

  • December-February – Costumes are made in factories across the country

  • March – Costume deliveries begin, they are organized by class to try on for size

  • March-April – Costumes are tried on, exchanged for different sizes as needed, then they are steamed, bagged, organized with brand new tights, accessories, and labels, and handed out to classes

  • May-June – Dress Rehearsals, photos, Recitals


  • Why are costume payments taken so early?​​

 Costumes are made to order!  Every dance studio in the country is ordering costumes at the same time, from the same companies (as many vendors closed due to Covid).  Fusion’s costume orders are extremely large, and therefore need additional time to be made, packaged, and shipped.  *In Addition – costume vendors are still experiencing delays due to the supply chain issues, fabric shortages, port closures, etc.  We need ample time to try the costumes on each dancer and exchange for any sizing issues, in order to have them in plenty of time for our performances!

  • What is included with the costume?

All costumes come with brand new tights and all accessories for the stage.  The shoes worn for the show will be the same shoes from our dress code that the dancers have been wearing all year.

  • What happens if I pay late?

Costumes will not be ordered without a payment.  Due to the shipping challenges, there is a chance that late payments and orders mean a costume might not arrive in time for the performance.  *Any late payments may be subject to additional shipping charges.

  • How do you know what size to order?  What if my child grows by June?

All dancers are carefully measured and additional inches are added to those measurements (based on their age) to allow room for growth.  If for any reason the costume does not fit when it comes in, we exchange it for the appropriate size.  This is why ordering early and receiving costumes by March is so important!

  • Can my costume payment be refunded?

Costumes are made to order and therefore, once production begins cannot be canceled.  No costume payments can be refunded after November 15th.  If your dancer drops a class for any reason, you will still receive your costume when it arrives. 

  • Is the Recital mandatory?

The recital is not mandatory!  Participation is encouraged, as dance is a performing art form.  When dancers perform onstage together, it not only teaches the skill of setting and achieving goals, but also gives them the opportunity to work as part of a team, and is an incredible confidence-builder! 

  • When is the Recital?

Saturday June 11th & Sunday June 12th

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