COVID-19 Health & Safety Protocols

Fusion's protocols will be updated continuously in accordance with the CDC & the state of NJ's health department.

The health & safety of Fusion's families, dancers, and staff is our top priority.

What we are doing..

  • All faculty and staff will undergo health screenings daily before entering the studio

  • Student temperatures will be taken before entering the building. Dancers whose temperature reads at 100.4 or higher will be sent home and asked to take class over Zoom. 

  • A state-of-the-art audio & visual set-up has been added to each studio for an enhanced class experience for students attending over Zoom. 

  • Masks are required for all dancers and faculty. 

  • Medical-grade air purifiers have been placed in each studio and in the waiting rooms.

  • Maximum class enrollment will allow for physical distancing within all classes. Spots have been marked on the floor in each studio to keep dancers at least 6 feet apart. 

  • Hand sanitizing stations have been created throughout the lobbies and studios. Students and staff will disinfect their hands at the start of every class and during each transition.

  • Preschool class props will be for individual use only. Dancers will be given their own set of props and are asked to bring them to class each week. 

  • Individual folding chairs will be used as Ballet barres so that students can remain physically distanced. They will be cleaned immediately following each use.

  • All classes will end 5 minutes early to allow for a thorough cleaning before the next class begins.

  • Staff will disinfect common touchpoints throughout the day. The doors to each studio classroom will remain open, though, to eliminate the need for students and faculty to touch the handles.

  • The bathrooms will be cleaned every 30 minutes. In addition, we are asking that anyone who uses the bathroom use one of the provided Lysol wipes on the seat after use.

  • The studio will be disinfected nightly using a fogger and an EPA-approved virucide.

  • For the health & safety of both students and faculty, Breakdancing & Acrobatics classes have been suspended this season due to the importance of spotting and shared equipment in those disciplines. 

  • In the event of another mandated closing due to Covid-19, ALL classes will automatically be taught over Zoom following the same schedule.

What we are asking our Fusion Families to do..

  • Any students exhibiting any symptoms of fever or illness are asked to stay home and attend class via Zoom.

  • Drop-off is required for all dancers ages 5 and up. Staff members will meet students at the door to assist in getting them getting into classes. To help keep lobbies and waiting areas less congested, each class will be assigned an entrance to the studio based on which studio their class is held in.

  • Students must arrive in their dance clothes. The bathrooms may not be used for changing prior to, during, or after class. If a student takes multiple disciplines in one day, please make sure their dance clothes, particularly their tights, are appropriate and safe for both styles.

  • No eating will be allowed inside Fusion Dance Centre.