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Recreational Classes

No matter what stage your child is at, Fusion Dance Centre has an age and level appropriate class that your child will love. With a wide variety of dance styles available, there are plenty of options for your child to choose from. See below to find some more information on our different classes.


Ages 5-6

This class is a combination of Ballet/ Tap and Jazz. In this class, they will focus on increasing their knowledge of Ballet and Tap techniques. They will be introduced to Jazz terminology.

Kidz Bop/Jazz Babies

Ages 5-7

This class is a combination class of Jazz and Hip Hop. This class will focus on mastering the basics of Jazz and Hip Hop techniques and terminology. 

Kidz Bop

Ages 5-7

Dancers will learn basic Hip Hop terminology and techniques. This class is high energy and will learn different styles of hip hop and breakdancing.


Ages vary

This class is a combination of Ballet techniques with lyrical elements. Dancers will learn proper ballet technique and be introduced to fluid movement and self-expression.


Classical Technique focusing on grace, posture, alignment and terminology. 


Fluid movement that combines ballet and Jazz technique with self expression and emotion, incorporating flexibility, leaps and turns.


Percussive movement focusing on articulation of sounds, rhythmic patterns, and clarity.


Technique based on grounded movements incorporating breath, lines, and alignment, incorporating ballet technique with fluid or abstract movement-by recommendation only.


Dancers in this class will learn Acrobatics fundamentals & Jazz technique.


Dynamic movement focusing on flexibility, isolations, rhythm, and leaps and turns in a high-energy setting.


A combination of dance and gymnastics technique that focuses on flexibility, leaps, turns, and acrobatic movement.

Hip Hop

Energetic movement including styles of funk, popping, locking, breakdancing, house, wacking, tutting, and self-expression.

Pom Squad

This class focuses on hip hop and acrobatic fundamentals fused with cheering stunting and teamwork! 

Tap/Jazz Funk Combo

Dancers in this class will learn both Tap & Jazz technique with high-energy Hip Hop influences.

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