Getting ready for stage!

Use these guidelines for Dress Rehearsal & Recital


Costumes will be sent home in the Spring after being tried on in class. Please put it somewhere safe and do not touch until Recital. We cannot guarantee a replacement if lost or damaged. Instructions for any included accessories will be put on the garment bag for the costume.


Girls should not wear underwear but instead, wear the included tights. We recommend purchasing a backup pair. Boys should wear socks that match their shoe color.


Girls should wear neutral eyeshadows, blush, red or pink lipstick, and mascara and have their hair in a low-bun with NO BANGS. Bun Kits can be purchased in the office.
Boys should "do" their hair with gel or hairspray so that it does not fall in their eyes & wear chapstick.


Nail polish or jewelry are not allowed on stage. PLEASE DO NOT SEND YOUR DANCER WITH ANY VALUABLES.

Video Tutorials - How to do a Bun